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Moving house is one the most stressful occurrences in life. It’s rated at the top alongside bereavement and divorce. There’s so much to remember, and even more to do. From finding lawyers, setting up gas and electric, to simply finding someone that can help you to move house, there is a lot to do. Once the sale has gone through things become much simpler, so here are a few important things you need to make sure you get sorted before you move house to Birmingham or Lichfield.

Get Energy Suppliers and Internet Set Up

When it comes to your gas, electric, water, and Wi-Fi, it’s important to get them set up in advance. The reason for this is that if you speak to the supplier, they will be able to make sure that the gas, electric, and water are all functional on the day you move in. This will cause you to have a lot less stress on moving day.
In terms of the Wi-Fi, it takes around two weeks for it to be set up and functional at your new address. So, at least two weeks before you move it is best to contact either your current or future supplier to set up an activation date for your internet. With all of these important things set up, you can move in knowing that you’ll be able to use the hot water, the internet, and also the oven.

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